Finally TAS is over :D

Hei, what is TAS stands for? It is Tes Akhir Semester.
Finally I can make a post here and also, I already activated my facebok account. Feel free to come :)
How was the test? So far so good, from all of the subjects that has been announced, (History, Religion, Civic, Math) I got above 70 and that means I passed the bound score. Hehe. I felt so relief cause I passed the Math test, yeaaay!
Still hoping that I don't have to join the physic remedial class.. Yeay wish me luck!
I can't wait for the Biology score. That's my lovely subject. I'm so fond about it. That's why I want to get in to the FKUI or maybe FKUGM ;D
oyeah FYI, if I accepted on UGM (amin) my daddy will also take an doctoral program there (for S3), my mother will continue her study for notaris and my sist already accepted in economy faculty. Weeew, will we move there? Or maybe, there'll be two homebase? Jakarta and Jogja? Haha well I don't know.

So the recent activity is Porsistara..
What is it? It is Pekan Olahraga Siswa SMA Taruna Nusantara. So many sport competitions held. Such as basketball, volleyball, futsal for girls, soccer, swimming, marathon.

I'm joining the estafet, futsal and also the volleyball competition. Well I'm not an athlete, but if it's just for fun and share the sportivity, surely I can do it gladly :)
Today I ran as the second runner on marthon competition. Unluckily, we can't be the winner of the quarter. But, our limit time makes us get in to the big five to go to the FINAL! Yeaaay..
It is so fun yet tiring too.. I have to enjoy this moment, because the phase of being the eldest is approaching. Weeeew..

What about you guys? Are you already pass the final examination?


Nisa Puspasari said…
yeeeh doain gue keterima UI dulu dongggggggg

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