Current current current

So what's my current...

mood: tired
activities: band rehearsal (this night was delayed -_-)
hobby: singing
condition: lil' bit sick, light flu I guess
people I miss: him, Nisa, Yona (my sist and cousin)
things I want: one of Leddum Tralala necklace
stuffs I'm craving on: shoes
movie I want to watch: Garuda di Dadaku, Queen Bee (yeah call me late), Angels and Demonds, Night at the Museum
blog I read on: my junior at Labsky JHS

yeaaaaaaahhhhh, I need holidaayyyooooo!!!
I'm stuck at Magelang while my JHS friends are having fun in Jakartaaaa *how pathetic*
but this is my best decision (to live here in Magelang) because I need to hijrah! :)

bye, nads


Ailurophile said…
What a beautiful blog. Loved the google logos in the previous post, particularly the one on 'Earth Day'.
nadia sekarsari said…
aaaahhh thankyou soo much Ailurophile :)
I love all the google logos I put. And yeah earth day is cool!

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