My band!

Hey, have I tell you about my band? Yeah, it consists of girls! I <3> Let me introduce them: These are the photos: (left-to-right)
Before the show
Left to right: Nila - Rhytm guitarist, Me - Vocalist, Awid - Bassist, Angie - Melody guitarist, Linda - Drummer, Vierna - Keyboardist

Gutarist and Vocalist
Nila, Nadski

Angie - Vierna - Nadski
Location: Balai Kartini, Jakarta

The band name is C'mon boy
The first show is on an event, we call it Pensi (Pentas Seni) on our Study tour.
Actually, the second show should be in Kartini event, but, Nila and Awid hafta follow the debate competition in ALSA UGM, huuffh, what an unfortunately :(

The show started with our mars:
"Boy, boy c'mon boy can you do it boy,
Boy, boy c'mon boy, b-b-b-b-b-b-b boy boy c'mon boy
we can do it boy
Boy boy c'mon boy..."

the first song is: Gelora Asmara - Derby, continue with Anak Sekolah - Chrisye.

Pop goes on our heart. We're on a process to make a facebook group.
Let's join dude! glad to welcome you on our group, thanks!



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