Lady ga-ga-ga-ga (stammered)

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Lady Gaga), a new comer from America. Maybe she's not a new comer, but I know her just a few days ago, from the random magz. This month's gogirl cover magz featuring her.
First impression:
I give her salute for the so-brave fashion style. Even on the stage or in her real life. She doesn't need to copy-ing someone's style that will looks so lame and soo similar. But actually, I don't like her style literaly, just about her courages to give some 'experiences' on her costumes.
These picts enough explain how "rawwry" lady gaga is:

Lady Gaga on stage:

Lady Gaga by paparazzi:
Look on the outside pants! haha
Lady Gaga on the MTV-TRL event:

yeah, waddoya think guys?



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