Latent Nuisances of Computer

Do you ever realize that the addiction effect of pc monitor has a big impact of your life?
As I read on, too much eye-intention to the pc monitor would make you get CTS or CVS (not CTV, hehe)
CTS is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a nuisance that attack your carpal. The central nerve of your carpal makes you feel pain and easily become tired. This syndrome will not happen on the exact time, it will be acumulated on the next-next-next year.
the other danger nuisance attacks one of the five senses,
CVS, Computer Vision Syndrome. This syndrome attacks your eyes. How? The characteristics are,
- Myopia (hardly see far objects after playing computer in a long time)
- Tired eyes
- Blurred eyesight
- Iritation, and
- Headache
they were usually happens after playing computer all day long..

The solution, we can put any activity between hours and hours of playing computer. Take a walk, see the greeny panorama, take a breath, then continue the works on computer again..
So guys, watch out, if you ever experienced on that characteristics, your eyes need to get rest a while..


the computer addict.


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