Jeng kelin

This morning I remembered that my friend (Andreas) ever told me about Jeng Kellin. For once I heard that name, I felt confused.

Andreas: "Eh gue bisa acting kayak Jeng Kellin loh!"
Me : "What? How you spell it? Jengkolin? Jengkol what?"
Andreas : "Bukan Jengkolin, Jeng-Kelliin!!"
Me : first thought --> "Makanan apaan tuh?"
Well, I approve that I'm not gaul enough.

Then, I search on google browser, I type it: "J-e-n-g-k-e-l-i-n"
Oh, how cute! It looks like japanese doll, (look on her love-shaped lips)
And then, I looked for the 'real human' behind Jengkelin, how surprised to found that

Tadaaa.... it's her, Nycta Gina

Yeah, felt surprise.
So different, right? Salute to you Nyc!


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