Updates on Mr. Ute's class

As you see on the title, now I'm on Computer class, with my dearest teacher, Umar Taufiq a.k.a. Ute yeah. Ef-way-ai a.k.a FYI now he's looking at me while he's the calss about ACTION SCRIPT (programming class of macromedia flash player). Everybody looks understand by looking at him, but I'm sure that no one do understand what he's talking about.. hahaha. Okay, let's start the update..

1. Kemaren gue baru liat ranking di wali kelas gue, dan ternyata.. gue ranking 7! Euuurgh, padahal bokap nyokap gue menjanjikan memberi benda hitam berlensa yaitu Nikon SLR jikaaa... GUE 5 BESAR.. Ahhh ya Allah.. malang benar nasib hambamu ini.. yaa semoga aja deh mereka mengerti seberapa ingin buah hati mereka ini menginginkan kamera itu.. huhu.

2. Yesterday is the first meeting of TOEFL preparation from LIA. Ciee jadi pake bahasa Inggris geto. Well, the class was TOTALLY BORING.. The class divided by the rank from the proficiency test that we already did before the second semester started. Fortunately hmm should we call it a fortunity? Unfortunately, I was placed on A1 class and all of the attendants mostly good in English. Let me describe their appereance. Oke, first row, they use glasses, with a very tidy uniform and make a full attention to the teacher.. Oh yeah, have I told you that I was late? Ha-ha-ha, me with Angie, Vierna was late. There is Eryna already, and one person, Pinka, left this class because she was on duty outside the school..

Euurghh Mr. Ute is calling me!!! He tell me to note his ACTION SCRIPT MATTERY
okee ciao!


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