up-up-up daaates!

10th January: Tricked Monic with put a dead 'cicak' on her study table, tell Bu Hori to angry her
People: Me, Anind, Monic, Bu Hori, Hanny
Activity: Monic was screaaaaaaaaaamiiiiiiiiiiiinggg and tearful ;D

11th January:
Monic's birthday, spent on Jogja, did something "brutal" with the girls
People: Monic, Hanny, Angie, Edel, Anind, Vierna, Budhita, Bong-bong, Budhita, Deo, Dewo, Yohan, Zikha, Zaki, Rangga, Kevin, Echa, Bian
Places: Dixie for lunch, spent whole afternoon in Amplaz
Activity: eat, watch movie "Hantu Budegh" (blue film wannabe), telling story with echa, crazy, bought gift for Monic
Mood: super-duper happy

12th January:
nothing's special, oh yeah, flag ceremony! Euuurggh
Mood: boring

13th January: sat with "her" on lunch, oh yeah, we had the swimming claaasss!!! yaiiiiiiiiiyyy we did a lot of fun :D
Mood: heart-hurted :(

14th January: S
till have to do the sertijab OSIS PK (serah terima jabatan) exercise. Oh yeah i haven't tell you that I am the second commision on PK

15th January: Sertijab OSIS PK
People: Row mates: Intan-moti, Kiky (junior), Nia, Awid. Wanto. The only girls in the TOEFL class: Pinka, Vierna, Angie, Eryn
Activity: Forget the class and search the class alone, before finally met Wanto, TOEFL on late afternoon

16th January: Met the sisters of PKS in the night
People: Kak Dean, Kak Gita, Kak Meta, Kak Dyah, Kak Rifkha, Kak Winda, Kak Shuffah, Khori, Ayu, Angie, Mahe, Awid
Activity: Discussed about the sisters

gtg, xixixi :)


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