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I got a not-so-simple task from my dearest melski, so here's the rules:
The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 7 People.

the age of my next birthday
well, on 6th march i'll celebrate my sixteenth party. yes i confess that i am too fast to be the second grader ;p

a place i'd lyk to travel
there are so many places i want to travel to, cause i love travel so much. but, recently, i read Tin-tin comic, yeah you know that comic of course. that setting located in Moscow, Italiano.

a favorite place
a place that can kill my boredom are two: cinemas and bookstore. but i prefer bookstore. yeah break a leg!

a favorite food
it is the hardest part of the questions. actually, it depends on where restaurant are you in. am I right? gimme big five! yea. haha. in Italiano-resto I may say Spaghetti, in Thailand-resto I may say TomYamKung, in America-resto i may say big hot dog with creamy mayo, in Japanese-resto I may say Chawan Mushi, well okaaay I'm now in Indonesia, so I may say... Sambel Kreceeek!

a favorite thing
of course it is about my darky iPod! yeaaaa

a favorite color
i like the harmony of pink-magenta-purple-oranggo color

a city i was born
eheyy it is not Monas, it is Jakarta yeah no wonder :p

a city that you ever lived in
2 years on Pittsburgh, how pity I couldn't even memorizing those memories on my mind. me haven't go to school!

a nickname i had
hmm well, i break the rules hehe. i couldn't find my nick's pict, cause there are so many. they are naddish, nadski, nadul, nedayye, nadoy, jelek hehe. many people gave their own sweet name for me :)

college major
really want this so bad, FKUI, crossfinger for mee!

name of my love
i really don't know what to write. it's just a serendipity

a bad habit
ngantuk, sampe lupa matiin laptop tuh, haha

a hobby
I always love to sing and entertain anybody, even its not on the stage nor perform to the stage. it is happy to make others smile. and look here, she's my idol, Celine Dion

there are soo many wishlist. but now, I do deeply-wanting this one, Single Lens Reflex camera, nikon type dad, pleease..

well yang akan kena tag adalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah..
vierna pinka acchan wokee


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