Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew yeaaaaaahh 2009

okay guys now let me tell ya about my extra-ordinary new year eve, uhh come on.. it's not just extra-ordinary, but tremendously-damn unforgettable-terrific-hectic-tiring-fun-o NEW YEAR!! i'm sure, cause my lebay mode is on for now hehe. this awesome day start.. first, gue monic nyampe duluan di hotel yang udah kita reserve,

yeaaa tadaaaaaaaaa, it's Mulia Hotel :)
thanks to hanny's daddy, cause he got the voucher to stay here on couple days, new year night lagii euurghh how happy.. ada BOYZ II MEN and PROJECT POP!!!
oke lanjut, gue sama monic dipanggil ibu coba?! menjadi merasa 10 tahun lebih tua -_- haha..
well my daddy has arrived to pick me up to aunty house, i'm sure you're not patient to know the continue, but surely i'll tell yaa all :)
gtg, bye


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