First post

it is my first post, but i dont know what to post.. heyy what shud i post? it's already midnight, i have nothing to do, just browse and browse. hey, i got this news:

"Dell is going to make a notebook named Amado, the source said that it will be the compatible competitor for the Macbook Air. It would be thinner and rather cheaper.."

yeah we'll see. but I think this post is exactly not important.. hahaha. hmm maybe i shud tell ya about my report score? yeaaah, it's good (fiuhh) ya kno, my school-Taruna Nusantara-consist of geniuses people, with liquid-o brain and often win the science national olympiad. yeah maybe sometime it could be meeeeeh hahaha. thankgod, i got the big 10, yeayeaaaaa!


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